Advanced Fleet Management

XENTRON  TCU Single Platform Multiple Vehicle Type

XENFLEET advanced fleet management includes the management of vehicles, routes and workers and uses a range of technologies including vehicle tracking, telematics and smart observation. 


Making it simpler, superior fleet management systems provides feedbacks about fuel economy, driver behavior analytics and possible issues in vehicle system.


The vehicle is carefully real time monitored by XENTRON collecting data and converts it to have meaning for your business, "Mileage, Speed, Location, Gearing, Braking ,DFP Status, Front Vehicle Tracking Distance, Adblue & Fuel Consumption Analysis, Cargo Weight Temperature" up to

"2.500 different vehicle parameters selectable by user" 


This information collected using the vehicle's XENTRON TCU and analyzed by XENCORE and with that data AI can provide unpredictable valuable information for companies.

Fleet management structure would be allowing additionally fleet operators to play remotely songs and to use smart multiple maps provider and to view created using the high accuracy technology.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) "GPS +Glonass+Galileo+Beidou"satellite data.

This cutting-edge technology improves fleet management and efficiency by reducing workload and normal transportation and personnel costs.

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Dispatch Managemet


VoIP Call


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Fleet Optimization




Remote Tachograph 


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