Electric fleet promises a lot.

Government support. Positive impact on the environment. Lower costs.

But charging electric vehicles is a struggle.

  • Your drivers appreciate quiet and smooth rides but must re‑park their vehicles once charged. You face compensating overstays, losing profit for charging spot hogging, or hiring additional staff.

  • Your vehicle maintenance costs get lower, but charging station maintenance becomes a headache and another expense.

  • You no longer need to pay for expensive fuel, but your drivers must look for a working charging station and wait in queues. And even then, they often fail at charging. It can quickly get you to higher shipment costs and detention fees.

Existing charging solutions can put at risk your core business operations. But they shouldn't.

What if your charging infrastructure facilitated your business?

  • Your electric vehicles would always be charged enough for the trip they need to take next.

  • Your drivers would just leave their vehicles in the parking lots to charge.

  • Your charging station equipment would be preemptively analyzed and repaired.

  • You would automatically charge your fleet at the least possible electricity prices.

With Xenvolt, we're doing just that. We combine our hardware design, telematics, data fusion, AI, mass manufacturing, and logistics expertise to develop a seamless charging experience.

Xenvolt Intelligent Charging

With Xenvolt, If a vehicle is parked on your HQ or depo parking lot, you can be sure it will be fully charged to the moment it needs to go at the lowest possible electricity price.

Here are a few Xenvolt features:

  • Easy installation — it doesn't require digging up the whole parking space — and reliable maintenance due to our advanced telematics solutions.

  • Support of industry standards such as OCPP, ISO 15118-20, CCS DC, and CHAdeMO protocols.

  • Focus on power converters' reliability, ensuring they operate within the desired temperature range regardless of external conditions (climate control features such as temperature sensors, control algorithms, and feedback loops).

  • Proactive heat dissipation monitoring and optimization using advanced control algorithms and high-pressure mechanical air cooling structures.

  • Enhanced power converter efficiency due to SiC-based diodes and SiC FETs, and the efficiency-size balance by the switching frequency optimization.

We consider various nuances, including battery health, grip congestions, and specifics of different industries, to tailor our solution to different charging needs of fleets and companies with time-critical operations, residential buildings, malls, and municipalities.

Let's talk

"Xentron employees — as they are already working actively on the market — are able to engage the latest developments rapidly with the feedback they receive from the field. Thus, they can offer customer-oriented solutions," — Özgür Yücetürk, Ford Otosan, Assistant General Manager, Marketing, Sales & Service.

If you are installing charging stations for yourself or are engaged in the industry, we have much to discuss — let's talk.


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